Yes, you can have more joy and peace in your home. Learn how to model the gentleness of Jesus in your parenting, cultivating the fruits of the Spirit as you train them up in the way they should go.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your children only seem to listen when you resort to shouting or threats of punishment
  • You’ve tried ‘everything’ but some parenting techniques don’t feel right to you
  • It is hard to find Biblical guidance for your gentle parenting journey
  • It is hard to focus on work, or important tasks when your mind is reeling over the argument you had with your child
  • Meltdowns and tantrums are a daily occurrence and you are so weary of the ‘big feelings’
  • You don’t know how to handle your own emotions let alone your kid’s
  • You feel torn between the many roles you play and want to balance work, life, hobbies and relationships
  • Overwhelmed, barely surviving is how you’d describe most days
  • This isn’t the family life you pictured

All parents want to have a close connection with their children and a peaceful home. Unfortunately most busy parents find they get overwhelmed by the chaos at home. They feel guilty for resorting to shouting and punishing their kids hoping it will motivate them to do as they’re are told. But without putting God first, building your relationship and focusing on the right priorities, you’ll end up with fighting, frustration and remorse.

This is why I have created the Gentle Christian Parenting Community to help you navigate your parenting journey with joy and purpose. Gentle, peaceful parenting centred around God’s Word.

Meaghan Jackson found of the Joy-filled Parenting Roadmap

Transformation is possible

Several years ago our family was struggling. We had stress in our family business and we were grieving a loss. I was at the end of myself. Yet there is no pause button in life. My husband and I still had our three little boys to care for. With God’s help I focused on myself and improved the relationship with my children. Our family has completely transformed! I knew then that I wanted to offer the support I wish I had when I needed it most to others. This is why I am so passionate as a Christian parenting coach.

Your transformation is possible with the Gentle Christian Parenting Community

  • Alignment between your faith and your parenting
  • Decide what is most important for your family
  • Have plan in place to help reach your goals
  • Tools and strategies for a gentle positive parenting approach
  • Learn how to handle big feelings and meltdowns
  • Care for yourself and regulate your own emotions
  • Simplify your life and reduce stress
  • Calm the chaos at home
  • Connect with like-minded families on the same parenting journey
  • Discover more joy and peace with your family!

What others are saying

Meaghan has a fun and gentle way of getting you to think about how things are currently working (or not) in your family, and helping you learn new strategies to bring you closer to your goals. You always feel safe and heard.

Sara Mother of six

This has been an incredible program. My fiancé and I have both been able to be involved and we are learning so much. The support piece is just as important as the knowledge we have gained, knowing we are not alone in our challenges is a relief. Thanks Meaghan!!

Jenny Mother of two

What kinds of modules are in the membership community?

Plan your journey
Imagine your end goals while reflecting on your current starting point
Create closer relationship with your children and others in your life
Talking and listening with respect and empathy
Parent for your unique family
Your situation may be different but there are ways to parent joyfully within it
Caring for your self
Learn how to handle your own emotions
Emotions and meltdowns
Being proactive about feelings and how to handle them
Challenges that gentle parents face
Over come the common struggles and move forward in confidence
Simplify your life
Declutter and come up with systems to streamline your home. Create margin in your schedule and reduce the screens
Guest Experts
Interviews with summit speakers, coaches, and authors to offer Biblical guidance for your peaceful parenting journey.

What is included in the Gentle Christian Parenting Community?

  • Online course material including videos, reflection questions, hand-outs and additional resources
  • Private Facebook community
  • Bi-Weekly office hours/ group coaching calls
  • Regular workshops and expert speakers
  • Discount on self-directed online courses (Emotion Coaching, and my Big Feelings Class for Kids, more to be added)
  • Special discount pricing for your parenting partner so they have their own access to materials

$35/ month CAD or $350/year (that’s two months free!)

This is approx $27/month USD