Let’s be honest, we all have half-read parenting books and courses we’ve signed up for and forgotten about. With well meaning intentions we know how we want to parent, but struggle with actually putting it into practice on a daily basis.

You just want someone real to talk to who understands how hard parenting can be, but who will help to navigate those struggles. And as a Christian parent, you may be purposefully looking for support from someone who seeks God’s guidance and His Word.

  • Are you struggling with your children’s meltdowns?
  • Is the way you are currently parenting not working?
  • Sibling rivalry, fighting and whining getting you down?
  • Are your children pushing your buttons?
  • Do you find your kids don’t listen to you?
  • Are you struggling with setting limits?
  • Do you find dealing with our own issues to be overwhelming?

Many parents tell me that they want to change the way they parent, but they just don’t know how.

Deep down they are afraid to say outlaid what they are really thinking…

  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What is wrong with my child?
  • Is he going to be a crazy psychopath when he grows up?
  • How have I failed so completely, even when I try?
  • Why do my kids hate each other so much?
  • Why can’t my kid just deal with this, why is she so sensitive?

If you’ve ever felt like this before I want you to know 




Want someone real, open and non-judgmental to talk to? 

Gentle parenting coaching with Meaghan Jackson

Coaching with Meaghan is for you if you want to…

  • Have accountability and a real person to talk to for help with your parenting
  • Have alignment between your faith and your parenting
  • Practical tools and strategies for a gentle, positive parenting approach
  • Learn how to handle big feelings and meltdowns (like what to say during a tantrum)
  • Stop giving into your triggers and learn how to cope
  • Meet like-minded families on the same parenting journey

You’ve read all the parenting books, asked lots of questions on Facebook BUT you are still running into the same problems with your kids.

What you want is someone you can talk to and come to for guidance that doesn’t cost a fortune.

Meaghan Jackson Gentle Parenting Coach

A few years ago I was right where you are. I was weary from trying so hard but getting no where. I really wanted to things to be different but I didn’t know how to make lasting changes that would stick. I needed tools, I needed help. So I worked closely with a parenting coach and leaned in on my faith. The impact was huge though the changes were small and doable. My family life isn’t perfect, we still have our off days. But, family life is much more peaceful and connected. I was so blessed by the transformation that I decided to become a parenting coach and change lives! The difference you’ll find working with me is the emphasis on putting God first in our lives. Which also means putting Him first in parenting too.

What others are saying

I recently did a parenting role playing exercise with Meaghan through teleconferencing. I am not particularly good at role playing or teleconferencing but Meaghan was warm and encouraging. She definitely put me at ease!

Ellen Mother of two

We have joined a group run by Meaghan for nearly a year. I was touched by how honest, open and friendly Meaghan was right from the start. Meaghan is someone that I can count on for support when I am struggling in parenting. She has a very calming presence, and I always feel heard when I talk to her. Meaghan is also extremely resourceful. We are amazed by the activities she sets up every time when we meet, the natural play environment she creates is beautiful.

Ayesha Mother of two

5 months ago when we first met Meaghan, weekday mornings felt like a HUGE challenge for our family. Our younger pre-school child struggled and cried through most steps of our morning routine, despite our best attempts to avoid or work through her frustrations. By the time we delivered her to daycare, we were left worn out and emotionally depleted to start our workday.

From our first call with Meaghan we could see the value in doing 1:1 coaching with her. She listened and created the space for us to talk, explore and problem solve with each other and with her. We felt heard and supported which in turn helped us to look at our reality and routines with fresh eyes. She also brought to our discussions a variety of practical suggestions to try and followed up with us to find out what we tried, what worked and what didn’t. With her help, we modified our approaches and routine in ways that worked well for our family. While life is never perfectly smooth, we no longer dread the mornings like we used to and we have more opportunities to enjoy the little people our children are becoming!

We continue to work with Meaghan, tapping into her ability to help us understand how to adjust our approach as challenges arise, as our kids develop and as reality (especially in a COVID era) changes. Meaghan has been instrumental at helping us build our parenting skills individually and together as a couple and I’d highly recommend her coaching to anyone looking for this type of support.

Rebecca and Leigh parents of two
These are my boys

My Parenting Style

The way I raise my children and interact with others is based on gentle, positive, connection based relationships. We are a Christian family, but I welcome and work with families of all beliefs and backgrounds. I work from home and have run several businesses over the years all while homeschooling my boys so I have a varied experience I can bring to the table. My desire is for us all to communicate with mutual respect, so that solutions can be found and deeper connections can be made.

If your family prefers a different way of parenting than what I am familiar with, please reach out to me anyways and I will do my best to connect you with other resources and people to meet your needs.

During our meetings I have discovered that experiential activities (such as role play and discussions) have a more profound impact than just lecturing or reading course material. I will be sharing relevant research and information along with tools and strategies for practical real change. In group sessions there will be an opportunity to learn from other parents experiences.

I have spoken to many families about their top priorities for their families and connection, relationships, family values/beliefs, and showing love to others always come out on top.  Let’s focus on your priorities and smooth out the bumps that are preventing your family from thriving. If this sounds like the sort of guidance and support you desire contact me. I’d love to help you move towards your goals.

What I offer

If you want to make some definite changes, or have specific needs that require more attention, individual and group sessions are offered. Each session is unique as it relates to what is alive for you at the moment.

Parent coaching

More than a parenting course, offering you real time help with your struggles, accountability and community.

  • Unlimited coaching on your favourite messaging platform
  • Private Facebook community
  • Regular group coaching calls and office hours
  • Bonus: Full library of videos, reflection questions, hand-outs and additional resources

$35/month CAD or (This works out to about $28 USD/month)

$350/year CAD (that’s 2 months free) that’s about $280 USD

Individual coaching : If you’d like more individual attention and longer calls I do offer 1-on-1 coaching for $350/month CAD. This option works well for couples who would like to work together to shift routines and learn some new parenting strategies.

Summits and Workshops

Throughout the year I organize workshops, summits and bundles. Our main one being the Gentle Christian Parenting Summit. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from multiple experts on a variety of topics. You can also gather your friends, co-workers or get a group together for an engaging workshop.

If you’ve ever honestly thought…

Sometimes I scare myself. It’s like I lose control and get so angry.

I know I love my child, but sometimes I don’t like him. I feel like he is a tyrant and I’m his servant. It just isn’t what I imagined being a mom was going to be like.

I see all these mom’s on instagram smiling and having fun with their kids, what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I have what they have?

I just can’t take the noise and the whining one more day. I want out. Okay not really but I desperately need a break from these kids.

How did God think I could actually parent this child. Did he make a mistake? I’m not cut out for this.




Inspiring Instagram quotes and well-meaning parenting books can’t get to the heart of your problems. Strangers in Facebook groups don’t see the whole picture of what you are dealing with.

What makes me different is that I have been where you are. I know what you are going through and I’m here to help.  I am able to help you with what is going on with your family as a whole. Rather than just addressing one area of your life we can look at how to support multiple needs.

Email: gentleparentingcoach@gmail.com to book an intake call and sign up for coaching with Meaghan Jackon today.

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