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3 Myths about Gentle Parenting

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Do you ever catch yourself thinking gentle parenting isn’t working, it isn’t Biblical or it is too hard to actually do in reality?

I truly believe these are 3 key mistakes that you need to abandon in order to build a close long-lasting relationship with your child.

It is often said that you are your own worst enemy and greatest asset. Which is why you must get your mindset right if you want to succeed as a parent.

So take heart. Do not grow weary. You can do this! Don’t for a second doubt yourself.

Myth #1: Gentle parenting doesn’t work

There has be a lot of research showing that authoritative parenting creates longer lasting, deeper relationships with children. Gentle, peaceful, respectful, positive parenting are all names given to this type of parenting. Gentle parenting involves respect, problem-solving,  and learning to manage big feelings. It may take longer, but parenting is a long-term relationship not a quick fix.

Myth #2: Gentle parenting isn’t Biblical

There are countless verses in the Bible calling Christians to be gentle, peaceful and kind. Loving our neighbour is one of the greatest commandments. Shouldn’t this include your kids? Children were very important to Jesus. AND He even referred to himself as humble and gentle in nature. We talked at length about this at the Gentle Christian Parenting Summit in October. 

Myth #3: Gentle parenting is too hard to implement

While is may take some time to learn how to manage your own emotions and triggers, the work you are doing now is one step towards breaking the generational cycle of shame, blame and yelling that occurs in many homes. You are teaching your children how to communicate with empathy, manage stress and repair broken relationships! It may seem difficult at times, but it is worth it!

Time and time again I see parents believe these myths and make these errors… the first step to improving your relationship with your children is to start paying attention to what you are believing and make a commitment to change things.

Look at the DO list above and you’ll learn that is is possible to:

  • Get through the day without yelling at your kids
  • Enjoy playing board games and Barbies
  • Get time to yourself (yes you matter too)
  • Feel like you aren’t messing up your children

Ready to to make some real changes and get the help you desperately want but keep thinking you can’t afford? 

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