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How to avoid holiday overwhelm and burnout with Meaghan Jackson

How to Avoid Holiday Overwhelm and Burnout

The Holiday Season has arrived. Let’s take a look at how to avoid holiday burnout and truly make this your best year ever!

In this episode I talk about:

Values and priorities
Overwhelm and burnout
Creating a closer connection with your family
Success and mindset

I’ve included journaling and reflection questions for you to think about. These are meant to help guide you towards a more joyful peaceful holiday season.

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Values and Priorities 

What holiday/celebrations are you wanting to plan for? What are your favourite holiday memories? Ask your kids about their favourite memories and what they are looking forward to? What are your top activities you want to include? 

Make a must do list and a nice to have list 

Reflect: What are your priorities this season? (health, connection, faith, mental health, fun) What are your values? 

Overwhelm and Burnout

What causes you the most problems each year around the holidays? What are you anticipating to be your biggest struggles this year? 
The most common thing is burn-out. Moms put so much work into making this big elaborate holiday and end up disappointed or feeling sick afterwards. 

1. Limiting beliefs or what we tell ourselves. All the I shoulds and I have to. Let’s change to I choose to or choose not to because… 

2. Over scheduling 

3. Self care is forgotten so make it a priority

4. Be at peace with simple, effective and joyful 

Reflect: What is your list of I should, I have to? Rewrite the list with I choose to, or I choose not to. Take a look at your calendar does it reflect your values and priorities?

Creating a closer connection with your family

 So often the holiday season turns in to a bank account drain, anxiety about gifts and a lack of gratitude/thanksgiving. Remember the real reason for the season, what are your values and priorities. If connection or quality time is high on your list then make sure your calendar and budget reflect that. Look back at your lists from above. What are your big things you are aiming for this season? 

Kids really want you the most. How can you give of yourself and create connection? 

1. calendar of activities (I have a free one for my subscribers)2. have a theme for the month 

3. create special traditions or rituals 

4. decide what your gifts will be and your mindset towards giving 

5. choose things most of you will find enjoyable 

6. Keep it simple. You can’t do it all  


  • What activities do your family enjoy doing most this time of year? What is NOT going on the list?
  • What are your obligations for work, school, family events?
  • What traditions, activities, themes etc. do you want to include? Keep it simple.
  • What is your mindset towards gift giving?

Boundaries and Meltdowns

 Okay these are two huge topics. I really encourage you to reach out to me if you want to figure out what you will say, write scripts, and roll play if that helps. 

What are your biggest struggles with boundaries and meltdowns/ attitude/ behaviour over the holiday season? 

Boundaries are important. It does take a lot of work sometimes to see both people’s point of view, honour needs and create compromise if possible. But ultimately this is your family and you are in charge of what you let into your lives. 

Remember you are modeling for your children what healthy adult relationships are like. Not everyone has the perfect life, so let’s get real. There are people who are going to push the limits. You need to decide which battles you will take on. Where do you draw the line? 
Pray, get a partner or family on board and be consistent and bold. Brave even. Be sure to respectful and gentle when dealing with others.

Meltdowns: Be consistent and keep it simple. Here are some areas to focus on

  • Sleep 
  • Eating 
  • Exercise 
  • Expectations 
  • Rhythm 
  • Overload (crap, toys and such)

During a meltdown 

  • Remember this isn’t an emergency 
  • You have the right to your feelings (don’t feel bullied) 
  • You are the parent, you handle it your way 
  • Offer empathy 
  • Create or find a safe space 
  • Listen to your child 
  • Understand that emotions are extra high this time of year 
  • Regulate your emotions 
  • Try to be consistent from how you are at home in dealing with a meltdown if you are out somewhere 
  • Ignore the stares and comments

Reflect: Write about your biggest struggles. Start to craft a plan including what you’ll say.

Success and mindset  

You won’t see change if you don’t do the work.  What is your vision of success? What is your new plan for the holidays? 

Choose Joy

Focus on the bigger picture rather than the small details 

Remember the reason for the season 

Reflect:What more do you need to work on practically and mentally?  What questions do you still have? What areas are you stuck? What is your new mindset? What are you going to do to keep that positive mental attitude? 

I wish you all peace and joy this season. If you’d like more guidance and help in any of these areas connect with me.

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