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Gentle parenting interview with Angela Harders

Gentle Parenting – Interview with Angela Harders

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This week I speak with Angela Harders of Peaceful Worldschoolers all about gentle parenting and Gospel-based Parenting.

In this episode:
Angela shares how she learned about gentle parenting
We discuss about what gentle parenting is
Gentleness and schools
Gentle parenting in the Bible, Gospel-based Parenting
Angela shares about her books
We announce the Gentle Parenting Summit

Books by Angela Harders

Gospel-Based Parenting

The Wonderful World of Peaceful Worldschooling

The Crunchy Kids Series

  • There’s an Oil Just For Me
  • The Crunchy Kid Learns Numbers
  • The Crunchy Kid Learns the Alphabet
  • The Hidden Treasure Alphabet
  • The Crunchy Kid Learns The Colors
  • The Crunchy Kid Learns The Emotions
  • The Crunchy Kid Learns to be Kind
  • The Crunchy Kid Goes to the Farm

Meet Angela Harders

Angela Harders is first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ. She is also a homeschooling mother to two amazing children – Sophia and Benjamin. In her free time, she is a certified special education teacher, gentle parenting author, educational freedom advocate, and passionate worldschooler. She is committed to cultivating peace in the world beginning right in our own hearts and homes.

YouTube Channel:

IG: @peacefulworldschooler


Gentle Parenting Summit

Do you want to model the gentleness of Jesus in your parenting and to feel confident knowing you are doing the right thing according to scripture?

20+ speakers and 30+ sessions offering you Biblical guidance for your peaceful parenting journey

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