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Back to School Round-up

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Summer is ending and it is time for back to school. Wether your children are homeschooling, heading to public school, private school, or online learning, there is a shift that takes place at the end of the summer. This week I’ve gathered many of my podcast episodes and blog posts that focus on school and learning.

Podcast Episodes

Here are my popular podcast episodes surrounding education, school, homeschooling and learning.

Interview with Julie Bogart of Brave Writer

Interview with Erin Fleming Parenting and Unschooling Coach

The heart of homeschooling

Interview with Kristie Burns Waldorf Education

Interview with Zara Fagen Minimalist Homeschooling

Homeschooling advice from Lindsey Casselman

Gentle Parenting Impacts Learning

Tips to Transition into the school year

Blog Posts

Here are some blog posts from my current blog and older one Joyful Mud Puddles

Blog PostsReview of STEM Minds

Holiday Unit Study Ideas

Gentle Daily Rhythm

Ultimate Round up for beginner homeschoolers

Engage Your Child’s Learning with fun themes

Crisis Learning

What if they fall behind

5 Things to Consider when choosing Currirulum

I hope this round-up is helpful for you to navigate this school year. Before you feel overwhelmed, reach out and connect with me. I’d be happy to offer any guidance and support I can.

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