Summer Announcements

This summer I’ll be taking a short break from the podcast. I’ll be sharing some of the most popular episodes from The Parenting Coach Podcast with you.

The reason I’m taking a break is to work on launching an incredible program.

All parents want to have a close connection with their children and a peaceful home. Unfortunately most busy working parents find they get overwhelmed by the chaos at home. They feel guilty for resorting to shouting and punishing their kids hoping it will motivate them to do as they’re are told. But without building your relationship and focusing on the right priorities, you’ll end up with fighting, frustration and remorse.

This is why I have created the Joy-filled Parenting Roadmap to help you navigate your parenting journey with joy and purpose. Imagine being able to focus at work and enjoy time with your family, without the struggle of the elusive work-life balance.

I’m looking for Beta-Testers!

If you’ve ever considered working with me, now is a great time.

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