Returning to work after maternity leave

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Returning to work after maternity leave can be stressful. It takes careful planing and caring for yourself. This week on The Parenting Coach Podcast I had a wonderful interview with Lori Mihalich-Levin from Mindful Return. Lori shares some fantastic tips for parents returning from maternity leave.

How did Mindful Return get started?

Lori was looking for resources after returning to work. Shear desperation because there wasn’t a lot available. So she decided to research, create and offer it herself.

What does mindful return mean?

Ability to be where you are, when you are there. Thoughtful mindful planning that goes into a day. This can include child care, your work schedule, caring for yourself and more.

Have you seen a shift at all in how employers are working with parents returning to work from maternity leave?

Small shifts have been happening along the way. Now with COVID it has changed everything. What is possible has increased, along with the ability for more people to work from home. 2/3 of parents don’t want to go back to work, which can lead to disconnect with employers. Employers need to pay attention to this.

What tips do you have for our listeners?

Most parents notice that they have no margin in their day. They are constantly on the go.

  • If you are busy you can still focus on micro self care (17sec can change your mood).
  • Have a shower ritual
    • ISS Intention, Stretch, Savour
  • Transition rituals
    • on way to work build in a few min to transition from mommy to employee
    • with kids heading off to school or daycare (Hug Kiss Push)

What are the biggest surprises that new moms/ or dads might not think about or should consider when returning to work?

  • Consider this as a year long process and not an event
  • Changes take time and that is okay. There is no quick fix
  • Baby’s ability to sleep longer periods can really affect your mental healthy. Try to align your time to return to when baby is more stable. Try to phase in daycare or work.

Anything else that is coming up with mindful return?

There are 5 different programs

  • A course for new moms online every other month
  • One for dads phasing into work and parenting
  • Parents of special needs child and working
  • Managers of those going out on parental leave to teach them empathy and support
  • A UK chapter of Mindful Return

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Returning to Work after Maternity Leave on The Parenting Coach Podcast
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About Lori Mihalich-Levin

Lori Mihalich-Levin, JD, believes in empowering working parents.  She is the founder and CEO of Mindful Return, author of Back to Work After Baby: How to Plan and Navigate a Mindful Return from Maternity Leave, and co-host of the Parents at Work Podcast.  She is mama to two wonderful red-headed boys (ages 8 and 10) and is a partner in the health care practice at Dentons US LLP.  Her thought leadership has been featured in publications including Forbes, The Washington Post, New York Times Parenting, Thrive Global, and The Huffington Post.  

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