Big changes coming

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Change can bring forth a whole range of emotions, from scared to excited. This week I am feeling a mixture of both as I am making big changes to my whole business.

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How to make a big decision

Decide what is most important – talk about and write down what you value, what is important to you, and what your priorities are. Use this as a filter for your big decisions.

Be thoughtful, pray and reflect on your decision – most often I have a deep sense of peace when I consider my options. One will leave me feeling more at peace than the others.

Be cautious when asking for opinions – wether you write out the pros and cons, search the internet, post on social media or ask friends, you’ll get a thousand different answers. Wise counsel is important but you must carefully think about who’s advice you are taking.

Big Announcement!!

After much prayer I am excited to announce some big changes to this blog and my whole business. I am stepping out from behind my business name and coming to you as Meaghan Jackson. This way I can bring forth everything I offer the world and embrace being myself.

What does that mean for you?

Nothing too much. I will still be focused on gentle parenting. There will be some time of transition as I have a lot of accounts and websites to change. I know you will be patient and understanding there. I will now be moving forward with Meaghan Jackson more often than Joyful Mud Puddles.

Starting next week my podcast will be renamed to The Parenting Coach Podcast. I am boldly taking on a strong clear name for the podcast. I have new guests lined up and topics I know you will love to listen to.

What questions would you ask a parenting coach?

Let me know in the comments or send me a message. I’ll address some of your questions in upcoming episodes.

Joyfully yours,

Meaghan Jackson