May you find joy in your work

Hello friend,

I was thinking about you and wanted to check in on how you were doing. I had this strong feeling that you, or someone you know was struggling right now. Parenting can be hard and thankless sometimes. We can become weary. It may even feel like the joy has been sucked out of your home. My friend don’t loose hope; I am here to encourage you.

I am reminded of a day not long ago. By mid-morning, I had already done two loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, played Lego, read books, gone on a walk, and made a million different breakfasts for my picky toddler, all before my older boys had woken up and started their school work. The house still looked a mess and I was not making progress on my to-do list. I felt weary. I knew I needed to feed my boys quickly before they got hungry and started to fight, so I quickly made my way to the kitchen to search for something I could call a snack. Suddenly I felt a little hand slip into mine. I looked down to see the sweetest smile. “Love you, mama,” my youngest said as he skipped off to play with his brothers.

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Oh, sweet mama, your tireless work has not gone unnoticed. You care for your family, work hard, help with your children’s schoolwork, take care of the household, and give so much of yourself. May you not grow weary from doing good. But, be encouraged my friend to keep going.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Who are you doing all this hard work for? What is your motivation? So often we get caught up in the business of life and motherhood that we forget why it is we are working so hard. Mothers can tend to lose themselves, and forget who they are. Our identity gets tied to something else like their children, career or something else.

“but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised” Proverbs 31:30b

Remember my friend to keep your eyes fixed heavenward in all you do. May you find JOY in the work of your hands, in your family, and the Lord.

While reading this you might have someone in mind that could really use the extra support. Please share this with your friends and contact me so we can rediscover the JOY of parenting!

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What can I do to find Joy?

There are so many ways we can discover more JOY in our lives.

  • Start a gratitude or joy journal to write down those little moments in the day that stand out
  • Prayer is a powerful way to pour out your heart
  • Do something you enjoy or used to enjoy that refuels you
  • Talk to someone about where you are at right now and where you want to go
  • Reflect, I have some prompts below for you


  • Who are you and in whom do you place your identity?
  • Why are you working so hard?
  • What do you do that gives you inner joy?
  • What made you pause and smile today?
  • Pray and ask for God’s leadership in all areas of your life.

I hope you are feeling more encouraged my friend. You are an amazing mom. I know you may not always feel that way, but I see you and so does the Lord. We know how much you love your family and would love to see you filled with peace.

Joyfully yours,


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