Creating a Family Vision Board

I had an incredible podcast interview with Debbie Sluys this week. While we were chatting I became so inspired to create a family vision board for our year. Working as a family, you can create a picture of what your family values, and what goals you have for the year. 

This would also be an amazing activity for each family member to do personally. 

Why is a vision board effective

When we focus our attention on where we want to go, what we value most, and what is most important, we begin to move towards those things. Our actions and decisions are influenced by what is foremost on our mind. A vision board helps to create a visual reminder of our goals and dreams.

Our mindset determines our feelings, actions and results. A vision board can be a great way to represent a positive growth mindset.

How to create a family vision board

First decide if this will be a group or individual project. You could do both on separate days.

Ask yourself reflective questions. What is most important to you and where do you want to be going in life?

Gather supplies. You can get as simple or crafty as you’d like. The goal is to inspire your vision of the future. Choose what size you’d like your project to be. You can use canvas, foam core, poster board, computer paper…

Add photos, words, quotes and more to make your vision board come alive.

Share your board with others. Talk about it and get excited.

Display your vision board proudly. Look at it often and make steps to more towards your goals.

Questions to ask and reflect on

  • What is important to us as a family?
  • What activities would we like to do this year?
  • What experiences would we like to have?
  • What are our favorite things, activities, hobbies?
  • What goals do we have?
  • What character qualities are important to us?
  • What parts of life do we enjoy right now?
  • What kind of difference do you want to make in the world?

Ideas of what to include

  • Photos
  • Magazine or printing pictures
  • Stickers
  • Quotes
  • Verses
  • Doodles
  • Writing
  • Lists
  • Notecards
  • Post-It Notes

    Here is my Pinterest board for Family Vision Board

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