New Year, New Goals

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A new year and new goals. Happy New Year! I am excited because this is a fresh new year with new possibilities. Although we can not tell what this year is going to be like, we do know our God is unchanging and steadfast. We can have peace going in to this year with confidence.


What are your goals for your family? 
What is your long term vision for your family?

Let’s talk about:

  • One word for the year
  • Taking baby steps
  • Recommitting to gentle parenting
  • Connecting with me

My one word, my goal for myself this year is ABIDE. I came across this work while reading John 15. Jesus reminds us to remain/abide in Him. I feel like the word abide is more impactful than remain. I will cling to, remain, stand firm in my faith to the LORD.
For my family my goal is CONNECTION. I didn’t speak to this as much on the podcast episode. But I would like to have a deeper connection with my children and to help them work on their relationships with each other. 
After months of being together, they are starting to get more frustrated with each other rather than closer. I am planning to avoid our usual winter cabin fever this year!

Something we need to remember is that when we try to take on too many changes at once, we often fail, burnout, or give up. Try making baby steps, or doing one small doable change

In committing to be a more gentle peaceful parent you may face some challenges. Parenting is difficult. Add to that a pandemic and social distancing, it can be even harder. Here are some links that may help.
Challenges facing peaceful Parents
Secrets of Peaceful Parents

I wish you all the best this year. Let’s make 2021 a year of growth, transformation, joy, and peace.

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