A year in review for Joyful Mud Puddles

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Joyful Mud Puddles has had an amazing year. Back in March of 2020 when the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt the itch to start blogging again after a long break. God placed it on my heart to do more than just blog occasionally. He wanted me to become a parenting coach so I could offer support to struggling parents.

As time went on the idea grew larger. Not only did I start blogging again, I became a parenting coach, started a podcast, built a growing online community and published a book! Not to mention the many guest appearances on TV, podcasts, magazines, blogs and newspapers. 

Wow I can’t believe the Joyful Mud Puddles Podcast is on episode 33 already! Check out these amazing episodes

  1. Welcome to the Joyful Mud Puddles Podcast 
  2. Alternative strategies to punishments and rewards 
  3. Interview with Brooke Gordon – Health and Strategic Life Coach 
  4. Challenges facing peaceful parents 
  5. Interview with Erin Fleming Parenting and Unschooling Coach 
  6. Self Regulation for the whole family 
  7. Interview with Sasha Walsh Adaptive Yoga 
  8. Talking about Feelings with your Family 
  9. Ideas to help siblings connect 
  10. Creating a Language Rich Home with Julie Bogart of Brave Writer 
  11. The Heart of Homeschooling – Creating a homeschooling journey for your unique family 
  12. Interview with Kristie Burns – Waldorf Education and Earthschooling Curriculum 
  13. Interview with Zara Fagen Minimalist Homeschooling 
  14. Homeschooling Advice from Lindsey Casselman 
  15. Fit and Healthy Families: Interview with Dr. Orlena Kerek 
  16. How to get your child to listen 
  17. Infant Sleep Development: Interview with Heather Boyd 
  18. Speech-Language Pathologist Interview with Rebecca Wong Kai Pun 
  19. Understanding Obedience and Cooperation for Christian Parents 
  20. Choosing the right Dog for your family: Podcast Interview with Michelle Stern 
  21. Simplicity Parenting Interview with Kim John Payne 
  22. Top Tips for Handling Overwhelm 
  23. How to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE from drowning in clutter 
  24. How to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE with a predictable rhythm 
  25. How to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE by balancing your schedule 
  26. Supporting your teens – Interview with Charlene Clark 
  27. Moms Supporting Each Other – Interview with Ashley Davis 
  28. Balancing Working and Being a mom – Interview with Lori Ervin 
  29. Self Care for Moms – Interview with Jackie Johnson 
  30. How to Avoid Holiday Overwhelm and Burnout 
  31. Help! My kids don’t play with toys
  32. Christmas Treasures – A lesson from Mary
  33. A year in review

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