Self Care for Moms – Interview with Jackie Johnson

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Managing children, working and being a mom can be overwhelming at times. It can be hard to find time for ourselves and keep a positive mindset. Hearing about how other moms handle the demands of life can be inspiring and give us some great tips we might now have thought of. This year I have met some of the most amazing women. This week I’m chatting with a fellow entrepreneur and homeschooling mom about self care.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How Jackie got started with Wildling Botanicals
  • How to manage running businesses and being a mom
    •  Include your children and make it part of the family lifestyle
  • Making time for yourself 
  • What happens when kids interrupt your quiet time
  • Teaching our children self care
  • Our empathetic children and how to help
  • Be proactive instead of reactive to stress in your home
  • Self care tips for moms
    • Community is a key part to self care
  • Holiday self care advice

About Jackie

Jackie Johnson is a Holistic Brand Strategist who founded Wildling Botanicals, Wildling Dreams and Wildling Herbs. Through her businesses, she has created proprietary body care and herbal supplement products from homegrown, clean ingredients she farms herself. Jackie’s credentials also include a 15 year career in business, helping grow retail, hospitality and fitness companies before striking out on her own to create luxury wellness products she wasn’t finding in the marketplace. She brings a much-needed perspective to the beauty world by joining nature and business together, so that she can empower others to continue growing into the #wildbeauty they already are inside and out.

Connect with Jackie

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