How to Support your teens – Podcast Interview with Charlene Clark

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Teenage years can often throw parents for a loop. It is so wonderful that there is support and guidance available. What a blessing to chat with another mom to share her wisdom and advice on connecting more with your teens.

During this episode we talk about:

  • How Legacy Moms started
  • Family life
  • How to support your teen
  • Creating an open line of communication
  • Tips for parents with teens
  • Family time together
  • Conversation starters
  • Love Languages (By Gary Chapman)
  • Focus on relationships
  • Parent self-care
  • Kids and hobbies and activities

Charlene Clark is the founder of Legacy Moms, a program geared toward Christian mothers who desire more resources and support for themselves & their teens. She is passionate about teaching & empowering children to recognize their potential. She is a certified K-6th grade teacher and also has many years of experience as a ministry youth leader. She is full of ideas, resources and optimism for what is possible when it comes to cultivating our children to walk in their purpose.

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