How to SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE with a predictable rhythm

This month we are focusing on simplifying your life so that you can focus on what is most important. Each week I have be talking about one area you could declutter and create a slower paced more calming home life for your family. Last week I covered your environment and shared a fabulous interview I had with Kim John Payne of Simplicity Parenting

What does your day look like? Is it random and unpredictable? Strictly predictable? Calm and peaceful? 

Each family will have their own style so take what resonates most with you. I have written about our gentle daily rhythm before and today I want to expand on that.

Why simplify the rhythm? 

  • Creates space in the day for active and calming times 
  • Priorities are taken care of
  • Children thrive on predictability
  • Less stress when we know what will come next
  • Routines help lessen challenging behaviour
  • Rhythm builds islands of constancy throughout the day
  • Commitment to rhythm builds trust
  • Strengthens connection and bonds
  • Helps with transition points 

 The Predictability of Life 

A generation goes, a generation comes, but the earth remains forever. The sun rises, the sun sets, then rushes back to where it arose. The wind blows southward, then northward, constantly circulating, and the wind comes back again in its courses. All the rivers flow toward the sea, but the sea is never full; then rivers return to the headwaters where they began.

Ecclesiastes 1:4-11

How to simplify the rhythm?

  • Pick one small doable change
  • Any repeated activity can be made more rhythmical and connected
  • Choose a few anchor points during the day and focus on them
  • Slowly add in more to your rhythm if you wish
  • Preview the next day if it helps 
  • Create visuals for children


  • Your family day with a sense of order and flow
  • Transitions smoothed by reliable patterns 
  • Consistency in the home
  • Opportunities to connect
  • A sense of family identity 

Focus on your values. What is most important to your family? Does your daily plan reflect those values? Our rhythm changes with the seasons so be prepared for that.
Let me know how you are doing with your rhythm. I’d love to hear what your day looks like.

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