Speech-Language Pathologist Interview with Rebecca Wong Kai Pun

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I love it when a friend can’t wait to tell me about someone they know who I just must meet! I am honoured to think that I came to mind and excited to meet new people. This is how I came to meet Rebecca Wong Kai Pun. A mutual friend shared with me that her work with families would be a great fit for my community and she was right. Rebecca considers the whole big picture and real family life in her work as a Speech-Language Pathologist. What a pleasure it is to have her on the podcast.

On this episode we talk about

  • What is the role of a Speech-Language Pathologist and how their scope of practice includes more than one might think (eg. swallowing, literacy, social skills)?
  • How an SLP supports reading development and how it is different than other professionals (eg. teachers, tutors)
  • The story behind the creation of The Parent’s Blueprint to Reading Confidence online course
  • How to join the Popcorn Words webinar (online and in-person options)

Rebecca is a registered Speech-Language Pathologist (reg. CASLPO). In addition to being the mom of 2 small children, she supports families through independent private practice at Bloom Speech-Language Therapy and is the creator and coach behind The Parent’s Blueprint to Reading Confidence online course.

Rebecca is passionate about empowering parents by thinking #outsidetheclinicalbox. Sharing information about communication and literacy development, and supporting parents in becoming active team players in their child’s communication journey energizes her and gets her excited.

Website: www.bloomspeech.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bloomspeechlanguagetherapy

Instagram www.instagram.com/bloomspeechlanguagetherapy

7-module reading empowerment course for parents “The Parent’s Blueprint to Reading Confidence” www.bloomspeech.ca/courses complete with live Q&A sessions twice a month to answer all of your reading questions!

Upcoming webinar “Make Popcorn Words POP”   www.bloomspeech.ca/courses happening on Friday Sept 18th, and Tuesday Sept 22nd!