Infant Sleep Development: Interview with Heather Boyd

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Sleep can be so elusive to new parents. Something that is desperately needed but can be so difficult to navigate. That is why I am so pleased to have Heather Boyd an infant sleep expert on the podcast today.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Heather’s story
  • Infant Development Circle
  • Parenting tips
    • Keep it simple
    • Trust your instincts
  • What is attachment theory
  • Curiosity and Wonder
  • Mindset shift in parenting
  • Environmental well being in
    • parenting
    • physical space
    • biologically

Watch the YouTube Video:

Heather Boyd is a private practice occupational therapist from Niagara, Ontario and mother to three boys.  She has nearly 20 years of experience in family-centred infant development.  Heather provides virtual consulting to families who are concerned about infant sleep, parenting, child development, and environmental health.  She takes an attachment-based approach to supporting families and helps parents increase knowledge and change perspective rather than change the nature of their child.  Focusing on attachment theory, and neuro-development, Heather has created the Infant Development Circle, a supportive workshop series that empowers mothers to enjoy and nurture their baby’s development by exploring both what development looks like, and how to use secure attachment and curiosity to support it.  Through this series, and through her one-on-one work, Heather provides maternal support for the role of mothering and brings attention to the nature of child development, and parent confidence.

Guest post from Heather about infant development

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