Interview with Brooke Gordon – Health and Strategic Life Coach

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In this interview with Brooke Gordon she shares about journaling and other easy to put into practice mindfulness strategies.

Brooke Gordon has many roles she is also is also a certified Health Coach and Strategic Life Coach with a private coaching practice that serves to raise funds for the Soroptimist Dream programs through the sale of workshops and self-study programs, such as My Best Self: How to empower Your life and Looking Back: How to succeed in a busy world.

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Three tips for your listeners:
My three tips are based on the framework I use for my coaching practice. I hope you find them helpful. 

Meals: eat more greens is good advice, but not everyone likes salad. A trick I adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe is to place a handful of field greens or arugula on the plate before serving a hot meal. The heat of the food will wilt the greens which is a softer texture and easier is easier to digest. They will get naturally mixed into the food so not everyone will notice. It’s more convenient than having to make a separate salad – that’s one of the reasons my spouse likes to add them!

Movement: our bodies need to move to fully function – from our blood to our bowels and all the systems in between. Schedule some movement into your day (literally! I book an appointment in my calendar every day) and have fun. Play fosters creativity and improvisation – ideal skills for a working Mom. Have your kids join you in a “shake your sillies out” session, or race to the bottom of the driveway to collect the garbage bins. Let them be your guide.

Mindset: no matter how busy we are, our bodies keep breathing. It takes just one breath to practice self-care. The concept is called a micro-mediation. It’s an amazing tool for those times when you don’t have time to stop. All it takes is one breath. Just two seconds. Here’s how:

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