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Calm the chaos

You are busy with caring for your children, home work and more. Too many days are busy and feel like you just can’t get a handle on things. You may even be feeling torn between work obligations and wanting to spend more time with your kids. It can seem like a crazy juggling act.

Discover How to Get Your Child To Listen (Without Having to Yell)

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I just want a happy home

Parenting can be hard some days. You may loose yourself along the way and realize life has become more about surviving than thriving. Let's focus in on what is most important to your family, and help you discover more, laughter, fun and create those lasting memories you are dreaming of as a family.

What makes me different?

Gentle parenting focuses on building relationships. While we work though struggles in communication, emotions and our own triggers, we are guiding, teaching and problem solving. As a Christian family we centre everything we do around God's Word. My passion is to help parents raise their children with gentleness, compassion, empathy and grace like Jesus would.

Discover more joy and peace in your family with Meaghan Jackson parenting coach

A solution for every family

Let’s take steps towards a positive change. First we will take some time to talk about what your current struggles are in your parenting. Then determine what coaching or courses will offer the biggest transformation for your family. I will provide you with tools, strategies, and guidance as we will work together, step-by-step, to rediscover that joy you’ve been searching for.

Individual Coaching

You may wish to work with me individually or as a couple. This is ideal for families focusing on one challenge, or prefer not to share in a group setting. Individual coaching packages include more than one call so that you receive ongoing support.

Gentle Christian Parenting Summit

Guidance and advice from gentle, peaceful Christian coaches, authors and speakers all in one place. Watch for free during the summit week, or purchase the whole summit for life time access.

Online Course

Self-paced online courses allow you to learn on your own. Classes include video, handouts, reflection questions and additional references. Currently the Emotion Coaching Intensive and Big Feelings Class for Kids are extremely popular with families.

Meet your coach

Meaghan Jackson Gentle Parenting Coach

It is such a pleasure to meet you. I am Meaghan Jackson. My parenting coaching is focused on supporting parents who desire to live out the fruits of the Spirit in their home. They are busy moms and dads who need to have things running smoothly at home so they can focus at work and still enjoy special time with their family. I use gentle, peaceful parenting techniques while working with families both online and in person. I also have a podcast and blog about life, parenting and homeschooling with my three adventurous boys. 

I specialize in

  • Helping working parents establish routines that work for your busy family
  • Showing you how to manage meltdowns and big emotions from your kids
  • Giving parents the tools they need to communicate better with their children and create closer connections
  • Supporting your journey from yelling, shouting, and punishments to problem-solving, guidance, and self-regulation

What others are saying

You have done a wonderful job providing families with practical doable tips to help make home-lives calmer an to encourage families to function more as a team. Love your passion and caring ways."

Jenny - Mother of two

We have joined a group run by Meaghan for nearly a year. I was touched by how honest, open and friendly Meaghan was right from the start. Meaghan is someone that I can count on for support when I am struggling in parenting. She has a very calming presence, and I always feel heard when I talk to her. Meaghan is also extremely resourceful. We are amazed by the activities she sets up every time when we meet, the natural play environment she creates is beautiful."

Ayesha - Mother of two

5 months ago when we first met Meaghan, weekday mornings felt like a HUGE challenge for our family. Our younger pre-school child struggled and cried through most steps of our morning routine, despite our best attempts to avoid or work through her frustrations. By the time we delivered her to daycare, we were left worn out and emotionally depleted to start our workday.

From our first call with Meaghan we could see the value in doing 1:1 coaching with her. She listened and created the space for us to talk, explore and problem solve with each other and with her. We felt heard and supported which in turn helped us to look at our reality and routines with fresh eyes. She also brought to our discussions a variety of practical suggestions to try and followed up with us to find out what we tried, what worked and what didn’t. With her help, we modified our approaches and routine in ways that worked well for our family. While life is never perfectly smooth, we no longer dread the mornings like we used to and we have more opportunities to enjoy the little people our children are becoming!

We continue to work with Meaghan, tapping into her ability to help us understand how to adjust our approach as challenges arise, as our kids develop and as reality (especially in a COVID era) changes. Meaghan has been instrumental at helping us build our parenting skills individually and together as a couple and I’d highly recommend her coaching to anyone looking for this type of support.

Rebecca & Leigh parents of two

Imagine going through your day without worrying about the latest meltdowns from your kids.

Now stop dreaming and make this a reality